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Are you considering starting your small business in California? Do you need working capital loans for your small business? Are you eager to get your business ideas to come to life but don’t have the funds? Or are you simply looking for the right company to give you additional funding to scale up your business? If you are one of the many small and medium businesses in California seeking loans for small business owners, Fast Business Financial is your number one resource.

California Business Environment

According to the US Small Business Administration, California is home to 3.7 million small and medium businesses. These businesses employ 49.6% of its total workforce translating to 6.7 million working individuals. Small businesses make up 99.2% of the total number of business running in California. Its growth domestic product (GDP) index has reached $2 trillion in 2013. This growth has made California as the 8th largest economy in the world if it was a country on its own. Small businesses play a large role in contributing to the fast-growing economy of California. It is even a bigger economy than the entire United States.

California boasts of its 840-mile coastline of the Pacific Ocean, breathtaking view of the mountains and deserts.

It holds various communities including Silicon Valley, Southern California, Napa Valley, and San Diego. Each community has nurtured popular businesses and relevant industries.

It has a population of 38 million people. Consumer confidence is high and businesses are thriving.

The spending power of California residents is high and they are willing to spend for quality goods and services with the right price. California is the perfect place where new business ideas are born. It is where all the action is happening.


How to Get a Small Business Loan in California?

Securing quick funding for your small business in California is no easy feat if you apply in banks. Even traditional lending companies take long to approve business loans. The usual application process would take months before you can get the funding that is IF you must qualify.

Most banks have a high decline rate. But don’t get your hopes to get too low yet. There are alternative business loans for small business. Emerging small business loan companies approve and give out funding to small businesses.

If you can prove that your business has a positive future projection in your sales and income streams, then you are most likely qualified.

Being able to find funding companies for small business in less time is crucial for your business growth.

That is why at Fast Business Financial, we are one of the top funding sources for small business loans Los Angeles and in the state of California. Our financing solutions include small business loans California for up to $1 million for qualified small businesses.


Fast Business Financial as Your Partner in Business Growth

Why do you need to partner with us in growing your business? Find out why thousands of small businesses have turned to us for funding:

  • Fast Business Financial is rated A+ by Better Business Bureau
  • We have funded more than 7,500 businesses
  • We have delivered $500 million to businesses globally
  • An easy online loan application that you can fill up in less than 3 minutes!
  • 48-hour small business loan approval
  • Flexible repayments that are calculated around the business cash flow
  • You can avail the loan even without good credit standing
  • You can choose the business expense you want to spend it on

We understand how business dynamics work. We take pride in our services of assisting businesses to grow through giving them the necessary funds. Business owners have been putting our loans and merchant cash advance in propelling progress in their business.

We have helped in funding their marketing efforts, launching new products, employing additional staff, remodeling their shop and purchasing modern equipment. There can be many online small business lenders. At Fast Business Financial, we are a team of seasoned loan specialists equipped with the proper training and knowledge to assess 700 unique business niches.


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